tonja & madi

As many of you who follow my blog know, I have a very good friend– Tonja, who owns her own boutique lingerie line- Knickers Lingerie.
And if you know that, you probably also know that she has a very beautiful daughter– Madi.
And you probably know all of that because you are my most faithful and loyal followers, and have been following my stream for quite some time 😉

But for those of you who didn’t know, let me introduce you to two of the lovliest ladies who always leave me smiling- Tonja & Madi.

Tonja is a fashionista, seeker of beauty, and an extremely talented apparel designer. While she has recently launched her extremely gorgeous lingerie line, Knickers, she also gets to use her talents at her day job! During the 9-5 (and sometimes after-hours), Tonja is an Assistant Designer for Nike’s swimwear line.

Her daughter Madi, short for Madeline, is a beautiful, curious, intelligent and fun-loving five year old. She just started kindergarten this year, and while I’ve only known her a bit less than two years, it’s simply crazy to see how fast she grows! She loves animals, faeries, playing solitaire, and her favorite princess (also her most recent Halloween costume– which Tonja made from scratch btw) is Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.

Now that you know them a wee bit better, onto the photos! Oh yea, we met at Starbucks, LOVE those pumpkin spice lattes! lol 😉













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