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I was lucky enough to get to work with Bryan a year and a half ago, when he did portraits for Mark and I. He is one of the most talented photographers in the area, and most definitely one of my favorites! His wedding work is especially stunning, make sure you check him out for some killer eye candy 🙂

Bryan and Leah are some of the nicest people I have ever met. Their son, Wellington, is a complete doll. He’s just 18 months old and has such a curious nature. He’s very smart, and extremely sweet. Not to mention those big blue eyes and his dapper hat and jacket! (Welly’s parents have GREAT style!)
At the end of the session he said “bye bye Courtney” and my heart totally melted. Pure, lovable, little boy.

I found this old barn over the autumn and was saving it for something special. It’s out by my house, and since Bryan and Leah live super close I thought it’d be the perfect place for our session! We only shot for about 20 minutes, and it was freezing outside, but I’m super happy with how the images turned out.


4 thoughts on “rupp family

  1. Courtney! Thank you SO MUCH!!! These are absolutely gorgeous and we LOVE them! Thank you so much for doing such a great job. We will treasure these photos always!

  2. Oh my gosh! I was going to comment on which one I liked the best but then I couldn’t keep count. Welly has the best facial expressions and the bluest of blue eyes! Great pics!!

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