pretties and peonies

Since we have moved into our new house, we haven’t had much time or money to really decorate. I mean, yes, we have hung a few photos above the mantle, and painted a couple of rooms, but otherwise we are still living in what I like to think of as a blank canvas.

Living in apartments always felt so temporary, I never wanted to settle in and turn it into a home. It just seemed like a waste of time and money. We never invested in any nice furniture, aside from a nice wood futon, most everything was from Ikea. Trust me, I love Ikea, but I’m not worried or surprised if something breaks.

I am so looking forward to making our house a home, and I got started this past week with a little project. Baby steps 🙂

I had been searching online for a new vanity to match our room better. The one I had was black, (from Ikea, hehe) and while I love it- nice big drawer and glass top- it just didn’t suite the light and airy feel I wanted for the room. We ended up painting our bedroom a light turquoise blue color, with a charcoal accent wall. The blue color turned out to be a bit brighter than I wanted, but instead of instantly repainting, Mark has convinced me to try to make it work. I think secretly he just doesn’t want another opportunity for me to spill paint on the carpet! So I have been turning everything in the room white, and I love the contrasty look I am getting!

Here’s a pic of my super adorable pup on our bed, you can see the greyish accent wall here… and the adorable pup!

I had toyed with the idea of painting the Ikea vanity, but Mark said that it probably wouldn’t hold well since we couldn’t sand it down first, seeing as how it is made of partical wood. So that option was out. Plus we had another use for the vanity once I found a replacement- Mark’s new secondary computer workstation.

Anyways, online, all of the vanitys that I liked were running around $200ish dollars, plus shipping. And shipping something that large doesn’t come cheap! So I was looking at an investment of upwards of $300… YIKES!

To normal people, that may sound inexpensive, but I am a bargain hunter- especially when it comes to these type of things! I spend money where it counts, but if I can get around it with a little DIY, I’ll usually choose that route. 🙂

I ended up going to one of the neighborhood garage sale extravaganza’s with my mom and other family, and it was a BLAST! Of course, I couldn’t tell Mark where I was going, it was a top secret mission! He is very minimalistic, and not into the whole garage sale idea, so I sneakily didn’t mention it, and he was asleep when I left anyways 🙂 I have to admit, I have this habit of bringing things home that I really don’t need, and then they sit there for a while, until maybe one day I get inspired and decide what to do with it… so garage sales for me, are like a shopping addict being thrown into a mega-super-clearance-sale… dangerous!

Lucky for me, I had only a limited amount of time to spend, and I set up a budget! If I didn’t KNOW that I really, truly, NEEDED it, it wasn’t coming home with me! And so we started…

A few houses in, and there wasn’t anything I couldn’t live without… and then we hit this house. There was a lot of stuff, but nothing I HAD to have… until I saw this vanity!!! It was white, probably more of a desk than a vanity since it’s a little deeper than I would expect a vanity to be. It had crayon marks on it, and needed a good scrubbing, but it was solid wood, already white, and PERFECT. It was missing the knob to the drawer, but that was just more reason to find a really cute one to add!

It was only $10!!! I debated on whether bringing such a large item home would make Mark panic a little, or panic a lot. I also debated in my head if I was willing to defend my beautiful diamond in the rough… that looked a little rough… and once I did, I bought it! How could I not for only $10!?! Sure, it needed a fresh coat of paint (which I have on hand, a whole GALLON of white paint!) and a new knob, and who knows if it will fit in my car, but dangit, that is a DEAL!

I found a couple other good deals too that morning, but nothing big, just little photo props and baskets.

Of course, I got a little flack for bringing it home… I would have maybe thought to put it in the garage and hoped he wouldn’t notice for a couple of days until I had the time to fix it up, but I threw that thought out the window when I realized how difficult it was to get in and out of my car. I needed his help.

Over the next week, I cleaned and painted it until it looked almost new again. I found an adorable knob at Anthropologie (thanks to my dear friend Jessica for the suggestion!)- my first ever purchase there by the way! I think I am addicted!!! I also found some really cute spice jars there that I bought (only $4/each, thank you very much!) to put earrings and other jewelry in. They went with the color scheme I was going for also, so that was a bonus.

Over the next weekend, I found a few awesome finds at the Goodwill, including a milkglass chalice ($5), an adorable yellow vase ($3) and plate ($1), and the mirror ($20) which just needed a good coat of white paint.

I decided it would be fun to add a little more color pop to the whole thing, so while perusing the fabric store with my cousin that weekend, I found the most ADORABLE yellow and white chevron striped fabric!! It had been years (about 9 to be exact!) since I have used a sewing machine, but I had been meaning to get to some fun DIY projects, so my dear friend Deena had let me borrow hers! I just bought a yard of the fabric ($9.60 on sale!) as well as a zipper ($1) and some thread ($3) for the project.

The following morning I woke up to the sun, very inspired, and started working on my pillow! I had no idea where to start, but I just eyeballed my little stool that I had bought from Ikea a few months prior, and started cutting. I watched a few Youtube tutorials on how to thread the bobbin, and how to change the different stitches, and away I went! It isn’t perfect by any means, but by-golly, I did it!! 🙂

The final touch was the pretty peonies you see in the photo. Those were on sale at Safeway for only $4! They smell amazing, and they are my favorite flower!!! I think they add a nice pop of color to the whole thing too, of course, I’ll have to keep buying more.. but that sounds quite wonderful!

Here is the final product! Sorry, these pics were just taken/edited with my iPhone. I meant to get the pro camera out, but I was rushed at the time with light, and it just didn’t work out this time. I still plan to add a few more things, but for now here it is!

And just a couple more of the adorable pup, just because he is SO darn handsome!!!

And now…. onto the next project…

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  1. It looks so lovely! And its funny, hubby and I just bought our house and moved into it in May and we picked almost the same turquoise color for our bedroom. We have not painted it yet since the rest of the rooms needed more attention first, but I’m excited now that I’ve seen yours! Congrats Courtney!

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