new york, new york!

Well, I went to New York almost two years ago… I’ve finally found a little time to go through some (and when I say “some”, i’m being completely literal!!!) of the photos I took while I was there. Thinking back on my trip, there are SO many more things I wish I would have taken photos of, but I am still happy with a lot of the photos I did take.

I went to New York with my best friend Ben, and his sister (also my friend) Jenna! It was a great trip, but a week in New York is just not nearly enough time to explore everything. There is definitely still a billion things there that I’d like to visit and do.

I have to say, I’ve been horrible, and Ben and Jenna haven’t even seen these photos yet… I know, 2 years is awful! It’s just been crazy with everything going on, and I took so many photos it’s overwhelming to look at them all!! But here are a select few that I thought I would share with you all πŸ™‚ Enjoy!

Every morning for breakfast we’d enjoy a cappuccino and a pastry from a nearby bakery. I should mention we stayed in a little hotel in Little Italy! How perfect!? This was just one of the delicious pastries that we enjoyed for breakfast (I know, naughty!!!)

I think that this photo was taken after dinner actually… while waiting for dessert! (also below!) Ok, so we had cappuccinos more than just for breakfast πŸ™‚ I can’t help it, EVERYTHING in New York is soooo delicious! The food, oh the food!!


Central Park was amazingly beautiful!! Everything I imagined it to be, and then some…

The John Lennon memorial, in the “Strawberry Fields” of Central Park

We also made it up to the top of the Empire State building! Such beautiful views, and even birds!

I think about half of the photos I took during this trip were of Ben, lol.

Who could forget Dylan’s Candy Bar!? This place was magical! Like a candy wonderland, they have EVERYTHING!!! And how cute is their logo!? Perfect design.

Now, you know I couldn’t very well go to New York and not try the “best cupcakes!”. My friend Dan told me about this place, the Magnolia Bakery. I have to say, they were pretty good, but they look prettier than they taste πŸ™‚ I couldn’t resist taking a million photos of them! I’d also never spent $25 on cupcakes before… but hey, that’s what vacations are all about, right?!

The vendors on the streets are insane, it’s like Saturday Market every day!!! I just had to snap a pic of these yummy fresh pretzels πŸ™‚

Another memorable part of New York was the Taxi rides (sometimes a little crazy!!!) and all of the amazing advertisements and signage.

And of course, I just had to take a photo of this…

I can’t believe it’s been almost 2 years since this trip!!! I can’t wait to go back someday again and explore some more πŸ™‚

Oh, here’s a video of Ben and I ice skating in central park, one of my favorite parts of our trip (other than the food! lol)


2 thoughts on “new york, new york!

  1. I laughed so hard at the video of your little Q going wacky on your bed! What did you give him? And where is his adorable jacket from? LOVE him!

  2. Haha, isn’t he crazy!?! We didn’t use to let him on the bed, so I stuck him up there and he went crazy since everything was so soft I think, haha, rolling around everywhere! I love that video of him, he’s so little!!! He was only about 5 months there, so he was full of “puppy energy”. He’s wearing a little white t-shirt that we got from Pets on Broadway, and his Puppia harness that we got from the same place I think. So sad when he grew out of his little baby tees! πŸ™

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