minnie + lola = love

If you haven’t seen these drool-worthy products yet, you MUST check them out!! Minnie + Lola is the gotta-have-it gift for every baby shower!

Not only do they use the highest quality fabrics and materials, but everything is made from hand, with love, and with great attention to detail! Whether you’re looking for a girl, a boy, or both, you will always find something perfectly adorable in this line. I have given many of my expecting friends Minnie + Lola products, and I hear nothing but raves about them!

I recently met up with my good friend, the owner of Minnie + Lola to take some photos of her new adorable gift packaging! The fashionable and functional suitcase carrier makes giving the gift effortless and eye-catching. Everyone will want to know “where on Earth did you get that adorable suitcase?!”, and the kids will keep it to play with. Smart and eco-friendly! Are these not to-die-for??

Lisa has an online boutique where you can order your choice of bibs, burp rags, hair clips, wipe totes, waterproof bags, and my personal favorite- blankets! She chooses the most adorable modern fabrics and pairs them with bright, fun colors to make these exciting for any child to receive!

Make sure to add Minnie + Lola on Facebook to keep up with all of the latest and greatest!


And one shot of Lisa’s beautiful daughter Violet, just because she’s too cute not to post!

One thought on “minnie + lola = love

  1. I’m snuggling’ my little Lula in her minnie + lola owl blankie right now 🙂 LOVE all of her stuff <3 <3 <3

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