i’m featured!

One of my very most favorite blogs is featuring me and my new packaging!!! I feel so honored, especially since I have been following Robyn (the blog creator/admin) and her work for YEARS! Stop on by Paperie Boutique and check out the post 🙂

7 thoughts on “i’m featured!

  1. I saw this blog on the paperieboutique.com site and THANK YOU. Your idea to use a USB instead of dvds is genious. I think I may just have to use this wonderful idea for my clients. I get so many reports of dvds, not working etc.

  2. holy cow, you’re materials are GORGEOUS! I’m still working on my branding… I’d totally appreciate it if you could tell me where some of your supplies are from? I’m especially digging the thank you cards and the referral cards. Where do you have them printed so you get so many different prints?

  3. Very much deserved spotlight my dear! Love the new packaging, you just know how to present your beautiful talent!! And the USB is a great idea, as well – although we have not had any issues with our DVD and it’s been shown a lot!!

    The Ritchie’s
    (very proud clients, highly recommend!!!)

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