haste keeps the house from catching fire…

Last night I thought a BLT sounded delicious! So Mark and I drove to the grocery store and got all of the yummy fixin’s for a BLT, including avocado, cheddar and croissants! I was so excited, it’s been ages since I’ve has a good BLT, and I’ve never attempted making them on my own, but how hard can it be!?

So we get home, and I’m prepping the bacon. Mark preheats the oven, and I start cutting the croissants in half- which is much harder than you’d think! I slip the bacon in the oven once it’s ready, and continue to butter the croissants to toast them on the frying pan (we are so healthy sometimes!!!).

The next thing I know, I look over and the oven is smoking…. “what is THAT!?” I panicklly asked Mark. He give me a funny look and rushes over, opens the oven, and tells me that the bacon grease is dripping and I need to get it out of there- FAST!

In my mind, I was thinking “where are the oven mitts!?” but I think in reality I just stood there with a dumbfounded look on my face. So he flung open the oven door, grabbed the kitchen towel, and pulled the pan out- FAST.

In the meantime, the smoke alarm was triggered and Quincey was shaking (he HATES the smoke alarm, and smoke for that matter) with his tail between his legs, completely freaked out. I raced to grab a pillow to fan off the smoke alarm, then grabbed Quincey so he would calm down, all while Mark  worked on scrubbing the grease out of the 400 degree oven.

I thought BLT’s would be easy???

Anyways, Mark soon realized that while pulling the bacon pan out, FASTLY, he had dripped some grease on the kitchen floor, which I may or may not have stepped in…. It wasn’t a lot, but he is a little OCD (bless him), and made me take off my socks and recount everywhere I had stepped after I had maybe stepped in the grease so he could go clean it up.

Once things had calmed down, Quincey stopped shaking,  the mess was clean, and there were no more rogue pieces of bacon hanging off of the pan, I said to him “Haste makes waste”…. to which he replied “Haste keeps the house from catching fire.”


Since I don’t like to post without some photos,

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  1. If you want the best BLT ever, you need to order one at the Ace Tavern in Gaston (I know, WAY out here in podunk) but for $4, it is the BEST BLT I’ve ever tasted. I eat it everytime we’re there. And a heaping basket of friends is just a buck.


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